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Add character, elegance and functionality to your home with new doors from Calgary Window Renovations.

Whether you need to replace doors for functionality or for style, there are many options available to you. Calgary Window Renovations specializes in entry doorssliding patio doors, and garden doors.

Similar to windows, doors are available in many types of materials including wood, vinyl, fiberglass and metal/wood hybrids to meet your requirements for durability, style, functionality and budget.

At Calgary Window Renovations​​​​​​​ we've aligned ourselves with the highest quality brands to offer durable door replacements and installations with top quality manufactured glass and hardware available in hundreds of styles. We're also happy to help you customize a door design configuration of your own. We can help you build the exact door you want.

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Door Replacement Calgary

Above all, our manufacturers offer full lifetime warranties, securing your investment for years to come, contact us for details. Plus, Calgary Window Renovationsoffers the industry's best 10-Year Warranty on installation so you'll know your new door will last for years to come.

More About our Door Installation Warranty

In a colder climate like Calgary, replacement doors can make a substantial impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Doors and windows are typically the greatest sources of heat loss, so installing modern, well insulated products can greatly improve energy bills and the internal comfort of your home. Less drafts mean a more consistent internal temperature and lower heating and cooling costs.

It's not only the quality of door that you have to consider. Sub-standard door installation can offset the gains of modern door technologies and damage the door or your home. At Calgary Window Renovations, we never employ outside door sub-contractors in order to maintain the quality and standards of every door installation. Our 10-year door installation warranty is our commitment to you to make sure every Calgary Window Renovations door is installed right the first time. 


Exterior Door Accents

Once you’ve decided on the type and material of door, there is an array of decorative accents to give your home plenty of style. The hardest part is deciding what you like best.


Most doors have the option of glass, an attractive way to add personality. Opting for glass needn’t increase your energy bills as most of the today’s decorative glass doors are manufactured with energy-efficient insulated glass. Doors with stained or silk-screened glass have become increasingly popular, as have doors with beveled glass panes. You might choose glass in one large pane (or lite) or one in which the glass is divided into several different lites.

Sidelites (or Sidelights)

Many homeowners choose a door with sidelites, a narrow vertical window that flanks one or both sides of the door. Often paired with transoms, sidelites add emphasis and interest and flood your entrance with natural light.


An attractive architectural feature for any door, a transom is a horizontal window that brings interest to the door design and even more natural light into the foyer. Transom options are as varied as the glass they contain: beveled, stained or clear. You’ll also have a choice in shape: arched, ellipsed or rectangular.

In-Glass Blinds

A more contemporary decorative feature is the option of adjustable blinds engineered inside the glass panes. In-glass blinds negate the need for cumbersome blinds or pesky privacy curtains.

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More Door Considerations

As you continue your search for the perfect door, you will want to keep in mind the need for insulation, energy efficiency, security, light and durability.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Older, uninsulated or improperly installed doors can leak air and waste energy through conduction. Once you’ve decided to buy a new door or doors, however, those limitations can be a thing of the past. Newer, energy-efficient doors can save in your heating and cooling costs, as well as increase the security of your home. However, poor installation can negate much of the energy-efficiency of high quality doors and even cause damage to your home and door frames by letting in moisture and debris. Don't cut corners on your door installation.

To select the perfect door for your climate, you need to consider its energy performance ratings. Calgary is in Zone B of Canada's Energy Star program. Whether an entry door or a patio door, you’ll want to know of any included insulation and/or weather stripping. Remember that glass and/or patio doors loose more heat than other types, as glass is not a good insulator. The more modern glass doors typically include a” thermal break,” which is an insulating plastic. Others offer layers of glass, low-emissivity coatings or low-conductivity gasses between the panes ( Low e Argon ), which all provide good insulation.


Steel doors tend to provide the best defense against any unwanted guests. Whatever your choice of material, however, it important to include a deadbolt lock in addition to other standard locking systems.


Glass panes, windows and decorative transoms all enhance the beauty of your door and your home, bringing in lots of natural light. Many of these decorative, glass accents include low-emissivity coatings ( Low E Argon )to prevent harmful UV rays from warming your space and/or fading your home’s interior. You might also choose tempered, impact-resistant glass or noise-resistant glass.


Most doors on the market are far more durable than their counterparts of the past. Fiberglass doors are nearly maintenance-free and will not rust, offering the most longevity. Steel doors will not crack,  warp or rot and require little maintenance. Finishing your wood door with a high-quality finish will help to preserve its beauty and elegance.


The Vocabulary of Doors

Understanding the language of doors can help as you consider all your options:

  • Inswing doors are those that open in.
  • Outswing doors open toward the outside.
  • Left Hand doors , looking from the exterior, define where the hinges are placed - on the left for an inswing or outswing door.
  • Right Hand doors looking from the exterior, position the hinges on the right for an inswing door and outswing door.
  • Lites refer to panes of glass within the door. These are also commonly referred to as "lights" or "sidelights".
  • Divided Lites are panes of glass that either are or appear to be divided.
  • Grilles refer to the metal, wood or plastic within a door giving it the look of containing divided lites.
  • Caming refers to the strips that join segmented glass.

Hardware and Hinges 

Choosing the type of hardware and hinges to best accompany your new door is one more step in showing off your personality. Many home owners match the hardware of their doors to the hardware they’ve chosen for their cabinetry. Others simply make sure their door hardware choices are consistent throughout their home.

The most common material used for hardware and hinges is steel, as it is both strong and inexpensive and can be finished in satin nickel, brass, black, pewter, brushed chrome, or oil rubbed bronze.

A hardware and hinge choice of either satin nickel or polished brass creates a strong surface that withstands the effects of both use and weather. Home owners looking for a sleek, contemporary finish tend to choose satin nickel. Brass hardware, while once a popular choice, is no longer used often.

An oil rubbed bronze finish is one that has been chemically darkened to simulate aged bronze. Colors within this finish can vary from a dark chocolatey brown to a dark gray, both of which typically sport copper undertones. It’s best to check samples before buying to make sure you’re getting the color you want.


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