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Calgary Energy Efficient Windows and Glass Options

If you haven’t replaced your Calgary windows in the last couple of decades, it is very likely that you feel drafts and coolness around your windows on colder days. There are many developments in recent years that have greatly improved the insulating qualities of windows. Modern, energy efficient windows can do a lot make your home temperatures more consistent and comfortable, while lowering energy costs. Here are some of the key factors that make new windows much more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Windows and Glass Options in Calgary

New windows are an investment in your home that will increase its resale value and make it much more comfortable on both cold and hot days. While energy efficiency is a key consideration, investing in higher quality windows will make your home much more comfortable throughout the year and reduce outside noise. It’s great to save some money on heating and cooling costs, but getting rid of cold spots and drafts has a major impact on how your home feels on those cold Calgary winter days.

Energy Star Energy Efficient Window Ratings

Energy Star Ratings

ENERGY STAR certified products have been tested and certified to meet strict technical specifications for energy performance.

Calgary is in Zone 2 and all products carried by Calgary Window Renovations are designed specifically for the Zone 2 climate.

Window Efficiency Ratings

R-Value: Range 2.00 to 7.69 (Higher is Better)
U-factor: Range 0.13 to 0.50 (Lower is Better)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or (SHGC):
Range 0.32 to .0.75 - Lower is Better

Air Leakage: Range 0.1 to 0.3 (Lower is Better)
Visible transmittance (VT):
Range 57 to 81 - Higher Numbers Means More Light is Allowed In
Condensation Resistance: Range 1 to 100
(Higher is Better)

Double or Triple Glazed Windows

‘Glazed’ simply refers to the number of panes of glass in the window. Doubleglazed windows have two panes of glass with a sealed space between the panes filled with air or gas.

Gas Insullated Windows

Virtually all modern windows have an insulating gas pumped into the chambers between window panes to increase energy efficiency and minimize heat transfer.

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    What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

    Window Glazing or Number of Glass Panes

    Originally, windows only had one pane of glass. In Calgary, unless you have a very old historical home, it’s unlikely you’ll have any single-pane windows anymore because they are very poor insulators. Double-glazed or windows with two panes of glass are the most common. Now triple-glazed windows are becoming much more popular. More panes of glass increase the insulation quality of windows because of the space between the glass. It’s a lot like wearing multiple layers of clothing on a cold winter day. Another benefit of triple-glazed windows is that they are also better sound insulators. Outside noise will be suppressed much more effectively with better quality windows.

    Insulating Gases

    The insulating qualities, and therefore, energy of windows can be substantially improved by removing the air between window panes and filling the space with an insulating gas.

    Argon is most common insulating gas because it conducts 60 to 70% less heat than that of air, is non-toxic and inexpensive. Krypton gas is found in higher quality windows because it is a better insulator but it is also more expensive.

    Window Coatings

    There have been large improvements in window technology over the years. One of the most impactful has been the coatings applied to windows to improve their energy efficiency. Low-E coatings, or low emissivity, is a thin coating of metallic particles that reflects heat back and reduces UV radiation. In summer months, it’ll reflect heat outside and the opposite in winter. The coating is invisible to the naked eye and won’t affect the amount of visible light entering your home.

    One important thing to note is that not all window coatings are equal. Higher quality coatings reduce heat transfer more effectively. It is important to compare all performance coefficients for the windows you are considering. The Westeck Window's Low-E - i89 coating is one of the best performing in the industry. 

    Window Frames

    While most of the surface area of your window is glass and the number of panes, insulating gas and coating have a major influence on efficiency, the frame can also transfer heat. It is important to choose a well insulated window frame to minimize heat transfer.

    Correct Window Installation

    We can’t stress enough the importance of quality window installation. The best quality windows can have much of their energy efficiency negated with low quality installation. You want to avoid retrofitting new windows inside old frames if possible. This will reduce the window glass size and doesn’t address insulation issues of the old window frame that was probably installed decades earlier. Drafts or water leakages around the original frame can’t be eliminated unless the entire old frame is replaced.


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Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

Non-removable, attractive, and low maintenance, GBC provides beauty with no hassle.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

Installed directly on the interior and exterior, SDL mimic a traditional divided lite.

Tinted Glass Options

Tinted and textured glass can add some extra flare to your new windows and doors.

Textured Glass Options

Beyond aesthetics, tinted and textured glass also provide privacy, safety & security, and additional energy savings to your home.

Grille Patters

Window and in-glass Grile Patterns are a great way to add your personal flare to your new windows. Choose a standard Grille Pattern or design your own custom grille.

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