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Jamb Options

Window Jambs are the visible parts of the interior sides of a window frame. Different sizes and extensions can be used to influence the style of your windows.

Window Brickmould Options

Brickmould frames the outside of your window on it’s exterior. Brickmould is available in a variety of styles and widths, from narrow to wide, to suite your style. Casing, a common term for wood brickmould gives your window a true traditional finish. Choose between open and closed brickmould based on the type of siding on your home as well as your aesthetic preference.

Closed Brickmould 

Closed brickmould is used in applications where the owner wants to replicate the true look of traditional wood window brickmoulds. Closed brickmoulds lack an open channel and instead rely on the proud edge of the bickmould which the exterior finishing materials butt directly up agains the sill. Closed brickmould is commonly used with brick or stucco applications.

Open (J-Channel) Brickmould

Open brickmould is typically used in applications where the exterior finish of the home uses siding instead of brick or stucco. The integral channel allows the siding to slide neatly into the back of the brickmould thereby eliminating the need for applied K-trim.

Hardware Selection 

If your new windows open and close, you’ll need to select functional hardware. Different colour and styles can be applied to fit your needs. Be sure to discuss all available options with an Calgary Window Renovations Specialist.



Colour Selection

The interior of your windows does not necessarily need to match the exterior. Pick colours that compliment your homes existing look and feel.

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